We exist to be the best part of your day

We are are group of folks who love sharing our craft with others and doing what we can to make your day a good one. It all starts with good beer and award-winning grub, and from there we commit to exploring our creativity with our guests, serving others, and connecting with our community. Scroll down to explore our core values, and the history of Old 99 Brewing Co.


“Enjoy the ride” is an amalgam of our other core values. Everyone deserves to live a life of purpose, joy, and fulfilment. For us, this involves connecting with our teammates and guests, and exploring our creativity in our chosen craft whether that is food, beer or serving others.

We cherish our teammates, guests, community, friends, and family. We cherish our teammates because we count on them, and they count on us. We cherish our guests because we are in business to serve them. We cherish our community because the greatest impacts require a community to create and sustain. We cherish our friends because they are the family that we choose. We cherish our families because they are the most enduring part of our lives.

We take the time to learn our craft because it helps us feel fulfilled. Every aspect of the process from creating the recipe to cleaning the kettle is important and we do every part of it with passion. “The most menial work can be a piece of art when done by an artist. So, the job here is not outside of ourselves, but inside of ourselves. How we do our work becomes a mirror of how we are inside.” Michael E. Gerber, The E-Myth Revisited.

Nothing we do is by ourselves or for ourselves. We serve others and rely on each other. Our teammates, guests, vendors, friends and families all count on us to do our part every time. We do that and we build trust, and everyone has a better opportunity at living their good life.

Being a part of a company full of creative, passionate people means we make cool stuff happen. Things get shakin’ up. Sometimes that is super exciting and relatively easy and other times it is super challenging. There is always a solution, and we work as a team to move things in whatever direction allows us to honor our core values.

We keep things exciting when we offer new foods, drinks, and activities. We improve our guests’ satisfaction when we innovate on our processes to better their experience with us. And we comfort our guests when we keep their favorite aspects and offerings of our business consistent.


Our journey began in 2009, when the Gross family opened Loggers Pizza with a dream of bringing phenomenal hand-crafted pizza and pinwheels back to Roseburg, Oregon. They worked meticulously to refine the recipes, which use only the finest ingredients for sauce and dough made from scratch in our kitchen, along with fresh toppings chopped and prepared daily. Our dedication to quality and a passion for creating unique flavor combinations led to Loggers being voted the Best Pizza in Douglas County in 2013, and we have earned that honor every year since. 

In keeping with the tradition of offering only the best, we expanded in early 2022 by merging with Old 99 Brewing Co., a local craft micro-brewery that began in a garage when three best friends decided to indulge their passion for craft beer. The brewery became licensed and operational in 2013, and quickly became known for their commitment to the long-standing traditions of craft micro-brewing, while continually experimenting to create innovative and surprising new beers. It didn’t take long for Old 99 to become a core fixture of the town, standing as stalwart and dependable as its namesake, Old Highway 99, which runs alongside I-5 in Oregon. Given that Old 99 beer became an easy favorite of Logger’s guests, we knew that Old 99 and Loggers go together like, well…beer and pizza! We are excited to offer the Best Pizza alongside the fine craft beer of Old 99 Brewing Co. We look forward to fulfilling our vision to become the best food and beer experience from Canada to Mexico.

We’ll see you at the tap!


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